Monday, May 4, 2009

Dads' (r)evolution: Tackling mom's roles in wake of layoffs

By Kip Mooney
Blog Editor
Based on an article appearing in the New York Times

PELHAM MANOR, N.Y. - Men all over the country, but also here in upstate New York, have experienced it all: the highs of success with Fortune 500 companies, the lows of unexpected unemployment, and the newfound joy of a more active role in parenting.

These men, who once worked at well-paying jobs like hedge funds and insurance companies, have combated depression by adapting to their new roles as stay-at-home dads.

While unemployment can deal a blow to the ego, this evolution of dads taking on roles once held solely by women—grocery shopper, child chauffeur—has helped salvage some sanity and identity that would have been lost without it.

“A man is supposed to hunt and gather and bring home and provide, and when they don’t, that goes to their identity,” said Jane Robbins, a PTA member. “If they can find some solace in being the parent, if they can take that out of it, God bless them.”

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